Art commissions

The portrait commission

The process of the portrait commission starts with your filling in the enquiry form. Once I receive the form I notify you and we move to the next step - selection of the favorite photo to be used as reference for the portrait. The reference photo can either be selected from the 3-4 existing shots you email to me or from a photo session at my studio, considering lighting, pose and expression. Once the reference photo is selected and the initial payment is done, the art work can begin. I will share the initial sketch to make sure you are happy with the overall idea. Finally, we meet by the appointment and the final artwork is delivered to you along with the final payment.

The portrait options:

  • Monochrome - charcoal | pencil | pastel : head and torso

  • Full color - pencils | pastel : head and torso

  • Full color - watercolor: head and torso

Please note that If you wish to commission a portrait for a particular occasion, please contact early.

Other commissioned work


  • Floral compositions - monochrome or full color

  • Still life - monochrome or full color

  • Landscapes - monochrome or full color

  • Illustrations - monochrome or full color